Marsy's Law Approved by Illinois House

The Illinois House overwhelmingly voted 116-2 in favor of Marsy’s Law for Illinois, a constitutional amendment that would provide victims of crime with enforceable legal rights that will protect their safety and ensure they are aware of their attackers’ whereabouts. Currently, crime victims have legal rights under Illinois law, but they are not enforceable.  For example, victims are guaranteed the right to be informed of court proceedings, but some victims never learn about hearings until after the fact.

Marsy’s Law for Illinois, sponsored by Representative Lou Lang, would make the laws enforceable by giving crime victims the right to go to court and ask that the right they were denied be enforced.  Lang, who introduced Marsy’s Law for Illinois said, “Today, crime victims are one step closer to having the common sense legal rights they deserve. Victims should feel safe in their own community and be informed about cases involving their attackers. I am pleased that my House colleagues agree.”

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, Director of Marsy's Law for Illinois, said “We applaud the Illinois House members for standing up for victims of crimes and their families. The aftermath of a violent crime is an extremely traumatic experience, especially when victims fear for their safety around their own neighborhood. This amendment would ensure that victims and their families are informed about legal proceedings and the whereabouts of criminal offenders and we are grateful that House members support those rights.”

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